Pro Evolution Soccer 2012



محتوى الباتش

Auto-Update KONAMI DLC 4.0 & KONAMI Patch 1.06.

Update Full Winter Transfer.

Real Name for all Players and Teams in PES.

Default Gameplay of KONAMI.

Bonus: Gameplay Tool 6.4.2 by Jenkey.

Add New Graphics.

Real intro for Barclays Premier League, Bundesliga

Real Adboard for all stadiums

Add New Graphics.

Add New HD Balls.

Add New HD Boots.

Add New HD Logo Pack & 3D Logo Pack.

Add more than 100 callnames & teamnames

Add more than 1500 New Faces.

Add correct Face for Coachs & Referees.

Add 11 Southeast Asia Teams.

Add Viet Nam National Football Team.

Add 5 All-Stars Teams.

Add New Players (P. Scholes, Henry, Ronaldinho, Beckham, G. Silva, Pires…)

Add My Dinh Stadium.

Add Vietnamese nationality in mode Become a Legend.

Add Full Kit for all Teams.

Replace Copa Libertadores by Europa League [this teams in Other America]

Add-on Super League (Vietnamese League)

New Leagues & Divisions: Super League + Bundesliga & nPower Championship + Liga Adelante + Serie B.

Full 32 teams Champion Leagues & 32 teams Europa Leagues

Add new teams: U21 England & U21 Spain, Sao Paulo, Flamengo, LA Galaxy, New York Redbulls